What to Bring

FIGMENT offers an alternative to the traditional art scene in Phoenix, using interaction and collaboration as tools for wild creativity, and being completely free and open to the public.

For information about our 2017 event in Phoenix, please visit our Event Page!

Remember to bring anything that you might need for the day.

- Picnic food and snacks to eat and share.

- Sun protection: Sunscreen, a floppy hat or parasol, and sunglasses.

- Toys: Sidewalk chalk, kites, hula hoops, croquet sets, water guns… anything that you want to play with or invite others to join you in!

- Any necessary medications.

- Costumes: FIGMENT is the perfect time to play make-believe (for both kids & adults!)

- Bicycles or roller skates

The following items are PROHIBITED at Unexpected Gallery – please do not bring them:

- Glass containers

- Cars (there is nearby parking available)

- Alcohol

- Weapons

- Anything that is not legal to have in public in Phoenix, AZ


We invite you to bring your art, performance, or artistic endeavors — and hope that you will take advantage of FIGMENT as a creative outlet for your work. Please note that you cannot bring anything that needs to be staked into the ground, be connected to a power source, plotted on the map, or scheduled for a stage or performance area unless your project is pre-registered with FIGMENT. Submissions are open, what are you bringing? The submissions deadline for projects is September 27th , 2017